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DeltaSplit75 Case Post-IC Update

Big thanks to everyone who has expressed an interest in this case so far. I’ve had loads of feedback from many of you about what you like/don’t like/want/don’t want and inevitably, it isn’t possible to do everything.

First thing to tell you all, is that I made a slight mistake which made the pricing more optimistic than it should have been. Because I usually work with 10mm acrylic, I foolishly assumed a 10mm height would be fine for this, completely forgetting all the extra height my 5mm plates produce, as well as the loss of the additional 3mm base. So the case has grown quite dramatically to 18mm tall. This gives plenty of room for the pro micro – if you haven’t built already, I recommend a low profile DIP socket to ensure it’ll fit neatly.

As it stands right now, the case is going to run at around £80, including stainless steel plates. I will continue to reassess the price as this is based on 20 units and I’ve had over 30 of you respond to the form. On the form, the vast majority of you said you’d pay between £50-£100 so I’m going to do my absolute best to work in the middle of that. I’ve made some feet as well to give a nice 7.5 degree angle. Current quote is £5 each and you’ll need 4 but I’m hoping I may be able to get the price down on those.

Here is a final render of the case that I will be offering (please don’t panic about the plate for now, I need to work on it):

The plate is recessed by 1.5mm into the case so it should sit beautifully flush against the slight curve of the bezel. The reason for the recessed look was that a few people expressed concerns about the actual look of the case as a sandwich and when I thought about it, I couldn’t help but agree. This allows the edge of the metal to be hidden which I think should look much better visually.

To answer the questions raised to me in PMs and on the form:

  • Plate compatibility – a couple of you had already cut plates from the case files xyxjj provided. I had to change the screw hole positions on the first design anyway, so the recessed plate wasn’t done just to screw you guys over, I promise. But you will need to buy the plate with the case.
  • Plate material – With the increased cost of the case itself, I am almost certainly only going to offer a stainless steel plate. The reason for this is that I can use my preferred supplier, and have them cut and deliver the plates directly to me. If we use alu for them, we’ll need to find extra cash to deliver them to an anodiser, plus the cost of anodising. It works out cheaper overall to just use brushed steel in the first place. In an ideal world, I’d like to have offered anodised alu plates so I will continue to see if it is something I can work out, but for now please assume it won’t happen. However, I should be able to offer alu if you want to anodise it yourself later. I can also offer brass at an additional cost if you’re feeling fabulous (I think I’m going with brass, so feel free to join me!).
  • Underglow is not supported. I’m really sorry to those of you who asked for this. I love an underglow, but the problem with it is that it means splitting the case to add the acrylic layer. Not only does this complicate the design (don’t forget this is my first 3D foray) but it also bumps the cost.
  • High Profile – Like the underglow, this came down to design simplicity and also cost. With the increased cost due to my miscalculations, I didn’t want to increase the cost further.

I should be ordering the prototype either this week or early next – I just want to do a cheap 3D print first so I can hold it in my hands and feel certain that I haven’t made any daft mistakes!