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Store reopened

I’ve just got back from an incredible trip to Slovenia; a stunning country which I highly recommend visiting! Here I am rowing around Lake Bled, what a place!

But I am back now, in a rather rainy and cold Manchester. The site is back open and accepting orders.

DeltaSplit75 Cases 

The prototype of the DeltaSplit case is still on order. I had hoped it would have been made while I was away but sadly this hasn’t happened. I shall chase this up on Monday so hopefully I’ll have it within the next week or two.

Let’s Split Cases

The metal plate Let’s Split and Gherkin cases are almost ready, too. I need to sort the bases out myself this week, but the rest of the case is all being cut for me by the same guys who do the 10mm. I haven’t had a shipping notification but if they aren’t already waiting for me at the office, I’d expect to receive them this week.

If anyone has any questions in the mean time, feel free to hit me up on email, Discord (find me on the vendor list of the UK server) or Reddit.