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It’s here!

I’m incredibly pleased to say that the prototype arrived today! I’m super pleased with it, and I hope you are too! First things first, let’s have a look at some photos:

Look how well the plate lined up! I can’t quite believe it worked so well..! There are a few things I’ve learnt from the prototype – fortunately all very minor:

  • The inside edge of the right hand side catches on the PCB ever so slightly around where the N key is. I can add a chamfer to this corner to alleviate this. In the mean time, I actually just snipped the PCB a bit to fit in.
  • The bottom edge, according to the manufacturer, was slightly too thin and was causing some warping when cut. He suggested just widening it a bit to match the other edges which I’ve done. It shouldn’t make much difference visually.
  • The PCB is more visible than I anticipated around the USB ports. I’ve had a little play with the model and I could extrude the bezel over the top to hide it but I need to see if a) it changes the cost much and b) if you’re still able to get the PCB in. I don’t think it’s a huge issue if it remains as it is, it’s more of a nice to do if at all possible.
  • The far left and far right holes were missed by the manufacturer. Not a big issue, I may leave them off in the final model as I quite like the clean side profiles.
  • Visually, I think having the plates anodised the same colour as the case is going to produce the best result. It also guarantees a nice clean finish on the plate so I will likely abandon SS plates entirely and look to only offer alu.
  • I realised after putting my camera away that I didn’t snap a pic of both halves pushed together. They actually fit together seamlessly, it’s really neat.
  • Someone raised a concern that the board may short out on the case. I’ve tested it and it works fine!

So that’s it really. I’ll be making checking my changes to the model over the next week, and I need to get some firm quotes from the manufacturer and anodiser so I can figure out the price breaks for the GB.

I’ll post this up on Reddit in a minute so feel free to comment over there, or email me directly. I’d love to hear from you!