Frosted Gherkin Case

From: £50.00

Please note that the currently in stock cases come with white/opal bases rather than the plate colour like in the photos. The two cases labelled as B-stock have some discolouration from the laser, and one has an uneven surface down the one edge.

These frosted Gherkin cases are perfect for those thinking of using an under glow with their Gherkin. The middle is 10mm thick, cut at a slow speed to produce a beautifully torched edge, sandwiched between a 5mm plate and 3mm base in opal frost.

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To build your Gherkin, you’ll need the following in addition to the case (we have limited stock of the Gherkin PCB and Diodes – you can add them to your order above. Please let us know if you need any help with additional components.) 

  • Gherkin 30% PCB (More info on this PCB here.)
  • Diodes (These are what I use.)
  • Pro Micro (Available quickly on Amazon, or cheap but slow delivery on Aliexpress.)
  • Resistors if you want to use LEDs
  • Switches (We recommend Optic Boards)
  • Keycaps