Gherkin case with Stainless Steel Plate

From: £70.00

The Gherkin plate is back, but this time with a brushed stainless steel plate! Still featuring the 10mm middle layer, there is also a 5mm clear layer below the plate. The clear layer looks great, but also serves to give enough clearance for the Pro Micro below.

  • 5mm Bezel in your choice of colour
  • 1.5mm Brushed Stainless Steel Plate
  • 5mm Clear Spacer
  • 10mm Frosted Opal Acrylic Middle
  • 3mm Opal Frosted base.

Case arrives assembled with all the screws and fittings.

The Gherkins pictured are with keycaps but these are not included. You do have the option of adding a component kit which gives you everything you need to build your Gherkin. The resistors included are fine for most LEDs but please double check your LEDs requirements before installing.

If you have any questions about these, please contact me. I can also offer bespoke assembly.

Just so everyone is aware, there is a gap between the far right keycaps and the bezel of the case. During design this ended up being unavoidable without making the bezel uneven. You can see the gap in the photo of the green assembled board.