Let’s Split Case with Stainless Steel Plate

From: £80.00

Update from Feb 2018: These are currently available while I review the design. I hope to have a revised version available as soon as possible. 


New! For £20, you can add a kit comprising of:

  • 2x Let’s Split PCBs
  • 2x Pro Micros
  • 50x Diodes
  • 2x TRRS Jacks
  • 1x Coiled TRRS Cable
  • 2 Strips of RGB LEDs plus some wire

Thick acrylic cases for Let’s Split PCBs. Compatible with MX and Alps switches!* These cases are formed from a 5mm bezel, 1.5mm brushed stainless steel plate, 5mm clear spacer, 10mm middle layer and a 3mm base. All cases come assembled (so don’t worry, you get all the screws and fittings) with 8 rubber feet to go on the bottom.

If you need PCBs, please see this listing or take advantage of the subsidised component kit, only available when bought with one of my cases.

The laser used to cut the plates is different to the one that cuts the acrylic so there is a very slight size discrepancy between the plate and the rest of the case. It’s about half a mm on each side and it is only noticeable when running your hand over the edge of the case.

*The plate is 1.5mm so it will work fine with alps but it may chew up the plastic of the switches a little on insertion.


Additional information

Weight 600 g

Black, Blue, Purple