Planck Cases




New: Frosted Middles now available!

The Planck keyboard comes from Jack Humbert over at OLKB, and is an ortholinear, 40% keyboard. Due to their smaller size and grid layout, they suit acrylic cases perfectly. These cases feature 5mm plates, a 10mm middle layer cut at a slower speed to produce a beautiful torched effect, and a 3mm base in the same colour as the plate. The only exception to this is the Pastel Purple. Pastel Purple is only available in 3mm, so I have cut a 2mm clear layer that goes underneath to create 5mm total. Please also note that the orange case appears to have some black marks underneath the plate. This is just the protective film on the acrylic and is removed when you come to assemble your Planck.

All cases also include matching feet.

What else do I need to build my Planck?

As the 2u spacebar cutout is only compatible with a PCB, these cases are not suitable for hand wiring. I will look to add Grid plates that are suitable for hand wired builds as soon as possible.


Additional information

Plate and Base Colour

Black, Grey, Clear, Purple, Pastel Purple (3mm+2mm), Orange