The Glass Gherkin – Assembled with Gateron Blue Switches


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This isn’t actually glass, it’s three layers of gorgeous clear acrylic. The middle is 10mm thick, cut at a slow speed to produce a beautiful torched edge. The pro micro is pre-programmed with the basic Gherkin keymap and is ready to use – you just need to add some keycaps.

When I designed these cases, I thought a 10mm gap for the USB cable would be plenty but I have since found that it is slightly too small for a lot of Micro USB cables. I will include a slightly modified Micro USB cable to ensure you have a way of using it.

Full Specification

  • Gherkin 30% PCB (diodes, controller and switches are soldered)
  • Pro Micro Controller, pre-programmed with firmware
  • Gateron Blue Switches
  • The case is a 5mm plate, 10mm middle layer and 3mm base, all in clear acrylic.
  • Includes USB Cable
  • Keycaps pictured are Devlin Skidata, they are not included.
  • Please note that resistors haven’t been soldered to the PCB so you can’t add LEDs – you could add the resistors but you’d need to desolder the entire board first.