The Glass Gherkin Case



This isn’t actually glass, it’s three layers of gorgeous clear acrylic. The middle is 10mm thick, cut at a slow speed to produce a beautiful torched edge. Please note that this is just for the case, the photos show one that has been assembled for reference and doesn’t include key caps etc.

The case is a 5mm plate, 10mm middle layer and 3mm base, all in clear acrylic.

When I designed these cases, I thought a 10mm gap for the USB cable would be plenty but I have since found that it is slightly too small for a lot of Micro USB cables. I will include a slightly modified Micro USB cable with every case so ensure you have a way of using it.

To build your Gherkin, you’ll need the following in addition to the case (not currently available from Smashing Acrylics, please let us know if you need any help with additional components.) 

  • Gherkin 30% PCB (More info on this PCB here.)
  • Diodes (These are what I use.)
  • Pro Micro (Available quickly on Amazon, or cheap but slow delivery on Aliexpress.)
  • Resistors if you want to use LEDs
  • Switches (We recommend Optic Boards)
  • Keycaps

This is a limited run of just three cases. More will be produced in future if people like them.