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The Smashing DeltaSplit75 Group Buy is now live!

Form now live! Place your orders here!

Anodisation Sample 
Assembled (Pre Anodising Sample) 

It’s finally time to get this group buy started! Orders will open on October 25th, but I wanted to get this post up now to give everyone all the details and also to get any feedback on any aspects you’d like to change.


  • The Smashing DeltaSplit75 is a milled aluminium, low profile, split 75% mechanical keyboard built entirely in the UK.
  • The case and plates are sanded and bead blasted prior to anodisation to get as close to a flawless finish as possible
  • The anodising is quite matte, it’s beautiful.
  • Each half weighs approximately 400g.
  • Although it doesn’t include feet, it includes M3 holes which fit M3 feet from Aliexpress etc.

What am I offering?

  • The Case – each order of a case includes both halves with anodised aluminium plates – Now featuring countersunk screws! – I’ve enlarged the holes in the plate to 3mm, so countersunk screws sit pretty much flush.
  • PCBs – Massive shoutout to /u/xyxjj for sending me the PCB files so I can offer these!
  • Components – I can provide Pro Micros, diodes and TRRS jacks.
  • Some Assembly – I’m just one man, so I can’t assemble loads, but I’m happy to build 10.

How much does it cost?

All prices are without PayPal fees and shipping

Without PCBs or components:

  • 10 orders, £175
  • 20 Orders: £160 <<< This is the sweet spot!
  • 30 Orders: £157

Brass plates can be ordered for an additional £20.

Component Kit

  • PCBs are an additional £15 without components.
  • Full component kit is £25. (PCBs, diodes, Pro Micros, black coiled cable and TRRS jacks.)


  • £50 plus whatever your choice of switches costs.


  • USA £25.00
  • UK £11.00
  • Europe £20.00

Here are some pricing examples including shipping and fees: 

What options do I have?

I’ve managed to get a lot of flexibility on this board. The company laser cutting the plates only have an MOQ of 5 so I can work quite flexibly with different layouts even if only 5 people want it. I’d like to initially offer these plates, all in anodised aluminium:

If more than 5 people would like to order something different, please let me know. Similarly, I don’t mind ordering one off plates for you if there’s something really specific you’re after. It’d be about £30 extra for one offs (the price drops significantly at 5 orders.)


Here are the colour samples from my anodiser. They’ve advised they can offer either a lighter, darker or as pictured colour. 

I’m going to be working on an MOQ of 5 orders per colour. The sample is black, and the blue is “light blue”. Before anyone asks, I tried (I really did, I even went to B&Q to get a paint sample to send to the anodiser) to get a dark purple but they can’t mix it.

I’d like to start the colour choices off nice and simple:

  • Light Blue (As in the anodisation sample)
  • Black (Again, as pictured)
  • Silver

I’m also happy for people to have their plates anodised in different colours to the case if they want. The Google Form has allowances for all these options. If when orders close I don’t have enough of a certain colour, I’ll contact you to discuss.

I think that’s everything. Please ask all your questions here in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Edit: forgot to mention delivery estimate. If we’re lucky, December but more realistically early 2018.

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Prototype sent for anodising

I’ve sent the prototype and a pair of aluminium plates off to a local anodiser to be bead blasted and then anodised. I’ve requested samples in good ol’ reliable black, but also in deep purple. Shall share the results when they come back, hopefully next week.

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Few more photos

Just received a few more photos from the manufacturer. Look at that join!

There is a slight issue with the holes for the plate though. It seems my model from Fusion has come across a bit weirdly in Solidworks. I suspect it maybe the way I’ve done the threads. It isnt a huge issue though, I just need to provide some accurate measurements of where to place them.

Speaking of the plates, I ordered the ANSI and ISO variants today – one in raw alu and one brushed stainless steel. Main thing is to confirm layout compatibility but also to compare the materials. If I’m happy with how the alu comes, I’ll likely arrange for the GB order to go direct to the anodiser to be done with the cases.